Listing FAQs

  1. Register as an agent. After login, choose ‘Create Agency’ on your dashboard.
  2. The Property Box Team will review your submitted ‘Agency Info’ and will be published.
  3. Once the agency page is published, you will manage to access it under the name example:……
  1. Once your agency page is published, you will be able to send invites directly form your dashboard, to other listed individual agents within the site.
  2. Invited agents can accept your invitation either via a link on their email address or dashboard.

Once confirmed, all his/her property listings will be displayed under the agency page.

From the top-right section of the menu bar, click to open the drop-down dashboard menu.

Select either ‘my profile‘ or ‘my properties’. 

At the left section of the account’s page: choose ‘submit new property’ and starting adding details for your ad

  • The ads must not be used to promote additional real estate-related services.
  • Ads that do not advertise a property or apartment, or simply refer users to ads on other platforms, will not be published.
  • Listing ads are subject to predefined advertising periods, *even if the property is sold or rented before the end of the advertising period.
  • It’s considered a breach of our site’ terms, when you provide username and password details to unauthorised third parties; and may lead to suspension or termination.
  • All required fields must be truthfully filled out before an ad can be published.
  • All information contained within the ad must be correct and refer to the property being advertised.
  • All ads must include a valid telephone number and/or email address, so that the person selling or renting out the property can be contacted.
  • The free text box should be used to realistically describe the property and must not contain any misleading information. Exaggerations with excessive punctuation (e.g. exclamation marks) are not allowed.
  • The stated price must reflect the actual gross rent or list price.
  • If the price has not yet been determined, it is possible to select the ‘Price available on request’ option.
  • Properties that will be sold at auction must be labelled accordingly.
  • The advertiser owns the image rights for the uploaded images.
  • The images must show the actual state of the property.
  • Images must not feature any logos, watermarks, symbols or other visual effects.
  • The use of photos with erotic, discriminatory or political content is prohibited and liable to prosecution.

We will deactivate ads that contain prohibited content without informing the advertiser. According to our terms; we deserves the right to block the profiles of advertisers who repeatedly contravene the advertising guidelines or our general Terms and Conditions.

*In the event any damages are incurred, the advertiser will be invoiced!