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Place your first property Ad by following these 4 steps

1. Log in/Create new account

Simply log in to your agent/owner dashboard.

3. Submit New Property

On your account choose ‘Submit new ‘, then list all the details of your property.

4. Preview & Publish

Preview and publish your listing, or go back to edit

Tip *Clearly list all the details of your property, including accurate description, real photos, location, pricing, type of property, any other necessary additional information a tenant/home buyer might be interested in.

The Benefits of Advertising on Property Box

Market Analysis

Get advice on how to effectively market your promotional ads

No hidden costs

Only pay for what you needor use our site for Free


The website is easy to use, list & manage your property portfolio

Detailed Reports

Depending on the type of ads, your emailed weekly/monthly reports will have all you need to monitor progress


Need support? have a chat with any of our online team directly

PPC Management

Rely on us to set up & manage your third-party promo ads on Google/FB/IG

If you’re thinking of marketing your property online, then Property Box does that for you, at a set monthly fee. At first, you need to register for a user account to gain dashboard access where you can upload & manage your listings. There are two account types. Owner & Agent. Learn more on these account types

For a listing Ad under a Promotional Plan, we offer additional marketing via either Google Paid Ads, Facebook Paid Ads, or Instagram Paid Ads, for at least 30 days. The basic ads uploaded on the website  are showcased only to the daily website visitors.

Basic listed ads rely on the website traffic for views. Ads under Promotional Plans have the highest success rate; since they do get shown on the website visitors and majorly via PPC Digital Ads Services Providers on either Google, Facebook, or Instagram; depending on what platform the advertiser chooses.

* The prices on these promotional plans dictate up to 90% of the total ad spend budget for a single listing ad on third-party platforms.

You need a listing account to upload, edit, and manage all listed properties on

With an agent account type, you are able to create an agency page and send an invite to any users with similar agent accounts. This assigns all invited users as the agency’s agents. This will collectively share your team profiles & active properties.

Tip *An agent user profile photo bearing the actual user image, instead of a company logo; offers a much more friendly experience to your visitors.

Instead of backend views stats; we bring you Google analytics reports which are emailed either weekly/monthly – depending on the type of ads. This will help you understand better and gauge homebuyer interest, as well as the effectiveness of laid out marketing strategies. With this knowledge, we can work together with you/your team to make necessary adjustments for improved performance